Youth special events


The Thursday youth group are going to be sleeping out on 5th April to raise money for young people in need who don't have a place to stay.
Many young people do unfortunately have to experience this, and we'd like to help tackle this injustice by raising money for YMCA, who can make a real difference:

Jason lost his job in a supermarket just before Christmas 2015 and, no longer able to afford rent, he spent his last wage on a tent. For six freezing weeks he shivered inside the tent, in the middle of a field because he was terrified of being attacked. Thankfully, Jason found somewhere safe to stay at the YMCA. Later he said, “They’ve helped me see that just because parts of my life were bad, it doesn’t mean the rest of my life will be.”
(An extract from Jason's story at

Please speak to members of the group to find out more, and please sponsor them via the form in reception or at


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