Wycliffe Bible Translators

Simon & Lynn Caudwell have a long standing relationship with Queen’s Road. They spent 13 years with Wycliffe in Ethiopia, and for a good part of that time living with the Basketo people, initiating and overseeing the development of a written language and the translation of Scripture into Basketo.

Changing roles

Over the years their roles have changed and they are now both work half their time for SIL International (Wycliffe) as Leadership Development consultant/trainers, This involves writing and leading courses in cross cultural leadership and team building and coaching new leaders. They are involved in developing leadership and HR strategy globally. This means they can work from their home in Hexham (using skype and other internet technologies) as well as travelling abroad.

For the other half of their time they are seconded to Redcliffe Christian College for cross cultural mission as MA lecturers and trainers in short courses on leadership and team building.