Operation Christmas Child

For many years now, each autumn the church has taken part in filling shoe boxes with presents for distribution by Operation Christmas Child. More details of the scheme and how to be involved can be found here (external link). Details of where and when to bring your completed boxes will be publicised in the autumn.

In Autumn 2007 Queens Road member David Depledge was in Romania. He says "I was in a desperately poor village in the hills north of Bucharest having been invited to speak at the opening of a small new church. There were about 8 children at the service. Talking to them afterwards I learnt about how hard their life was but they told me they were really excited that 'the shoebox lorry from England' would be arriving soon. Seeing it at first hand made the value of this scheme so much clearer to me. We can't all do that, but believe me, it really makes a difference to children who have almost nothing."