Alpha Course


This Alpha logo shows just what Alpha is about.  The man is struggling with the heavy weight of a big question.  Do you have a question weighing you down about your life’s meaning – what’s it all about? 


If you feel you are being weighted down with the issue of the meaning of your life, then come to Alpha.  It is a user-friendly course of around 10 weeks (or a term) where we open up and look at various issues, building from week to week until we have a complete picture of what the life God gave us is all about.

The topics for the course are as follows:

Beyond Belief? What Does He Do?

Who is Jesus?

How Can I be Filled with The Spirit?
Why did Jesus Die? How Do I Resist Evil?
How Can I Be Sure of My Faith?     Why and How Should we Tell Others?
Why and How do I Pray? Does God Heal Today?
Why and How Should I Read The Bible? What About the Church?
How Does God Guide Us?  How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?
Who Is The Holy Spirit?  

A typical evening will begin at 7.00 pm  prompt with a light meal where we can get to know one another.  At about 8.00pm a speaker will give the talk for the evening and then the leader and helper lead the discussion.  The evening will finish around 9.30 pm.

At the end of the course guests are free to make whatever response they feel is right for them.  Some people say ‘thank you very much’ and go on their way.  Others respond more positively, make a commitment to God and go on to discover the fullness of life they learned about.  It is our positive intention that we do not hassle anyone nor make them feel uncomfortable.

Many of our guests, after completing Alpha, still want to continue learning with their fellow guests and so we often run a follow-on course on the same evening.  At the moment we are running one called “Challenging Lifestyles”,   There are 19 different topics – here are some of them:

  • How to Live under God’s Blessing
  • How to Have an Influence on Society
  • How to Understand the Old Testament
  • How to Love your Enemies
  • How to Handle Money
  • How to Handle Criticism
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start LivingI

If you feel drawn to either of these courses, to e-mail Gill Barber or contact the Church Office on 024 7652 0621 . We can let you know when the next course begins and it may be that you could come for an evening on the present course to see what you think before committing yourself to be our guest.

If you would like to find out more about Alpha nationally click here