Where does the money given to the church go?

The largest proportion of our expenditure pays salaries to our ministers and other staff. As the leaders of our congregation, and our pastors and teachers, the ministers' role is to build up the body of the church and help us all effectively engage in God's work here in the city and beyond. The Bible (1 Timothy 5:17-18 & Matthew 10:10) teaches us that it is right and proper that the community who benefit from this leadership pay for it.

The next largest proportion of our income goes to pay for our fabulous premises, including utilities and rates etc. The buildings we have, from the 19th century chapel to the 21st century extension are one of our greatest assets in our mission as a church, but do require regular care and maintenance. Our property group do a great job of keeping costs to a minimum, but around one fifth of our expenditure is required for this.

The activities that make up the life of our church – worship, mission and youth work – and the administration costs to make these happen account for a further chunk of our expenditure

Finally, just as we believe individuals should give thankfully and cheerfully, so as a church we believe we should give generously to support others in doing God's work here and around the world. Currently we give over 10% of our income to other causes, including the Baptist Missionary Society and Baptist Home Mission, Coventry City Mission and Coventry Youth for Christ, the Light House Christian Counselling service and a number of other mission organisations around the world.