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We would like you to share your experience of the present Coronavirus crisis with others so that we can support each other, realise we are not alone and perhaps be encouraged. We are providing a series of questions that may help some to tell the story but you are equally welcome to tell your story "freestyle".

Of course, we want you to "tell it how it is" but we also want you to be careful not to share the wrong things. What are the wrong things?

  • Please don't feel pressurised to share things that you really would prefer others not to know - the stories are going on the internet so can be seen by anyone. 
  • Don't say things about other people that they are not happy for you to share - perhaps you could answer the questions as a family activity? 
  • If you talk about public figures, even if you disagree, please be respectful.

If you have any questions please send them to 

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