Bedtime Blessings

Children’s Bedtime Blessings  

Provided by Sarah White

Particularly at the moment as many of us are struggling to sleep, adults and children - I felt that it might benefit children to stop before bed and spend some time with God.  I plan to write enough of these for a couple of weeks of bedtimes, you can then rotate them or create your own.

The format is the same each day –

Firstly to pray (short suggested prayers are included; I have deliberately kept them generic and have tried to avoid emotive topics as the purpose is winding down before bed, please adapt as you see fit).

Then listen to a song (linked).

Followed by being read the blessing in the image (- different each day)


I’ve tried to aim at primary school age children and have linked to a variety of different style of songs across the 2 weeks.  Feel free to use them as is appropriate for your family.

To access the Blessings click here (printable)