Our Stories

In recent times lots of things have changed for our community. We have not been able to meet together and our services and various other meetings have gone online.  Many of us having struggled with the technology but being together, in a way, has been possible. Something that we have lost (and which is hard to define) are those little things we gather by being together. The odd story exchanged, the realisation that someone is celebrating or is feeling down. This is an experiment to see if we can minimise that loss. A series of pages where members of the church community can share together. We want to encourage anyone to submit a paragraph or two about their story. It could be a testimony, a description of what they are doing during lockdown, a request for prayer and/or a photo or two, even a selfie. We really hope you will send something by email. Or you can use this questionnaire and submit it through the website.

"The small print"  -   We cannot guarantee to publish every contribution. Please remember this is going on the internet. If you include something that mentions or pictures somebody else, please get their permission. The contributions will be attributed as you prefer so, for example your name could be shown in these forms - John Smith, John S, JS or anon. Please make clear what you would like.

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