Feathers and Wings for Pentecost

Something to do…for All Ages

‘He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge’       Psalm 91:4

Whilst we are physically unable to be together at the moment, we thought it would be great to have something to do that reminds us that although we are apart, we are always together as one family in God’s Love.

A theme which has come up several times during the ‘lockdown’ has been safety under the ‘shadow of God’s wing’….and this links into the symbol of the dove as God’s Holy Spirit. So, in the weeks up to Pentecost (Sunday 31st May) we would like you to create something around the theme of a feather (or God’s protective wings)

We have included some inspiration and ideas (and some templates if you would like to use them- (see below) but please feel free to explore/ Google ideas/and create your own. We want this to be for all ages…from the youngest to the oldest of you.

Please do not feel limited by what we have included. Think about the talents you have and use those. You could draw, paint, use textiles, felt, embroider, knit, etch, use wood, clay, flowers, beads, colour in felt-tip or pen. Use whatever materials you may have at home, string, tin foil or old magazines etc. You could use photography or print or make a collection of feathers on your exercise walk.

Or if art is not your thing you might want to write a poem, haiku, word shower, or a related prayer, words from a song or Bible verse using the feather template. (You could Google images for Psalm 63v7; 91v4, 51v1 etc). You may think of other ways to be creative.

It’s not a competition! Do not worry about the end result being perfect; as long as it can go on our virtual page on the website it will be brilliant.

Relax and let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Once you have completed your feather take a photograph and email it to us.  Then keep your ‘original’ somewhere prominent and safe. It can serve to remind you that although we are apart, we are still one family and will be together again soon.

Download templates (Printable)

(If you would like a template but are unable to print it, or for any other queries about the project  email  us  and we’ll see if we can help)

(With thanks to Debbie Colby at St Thomas More’s Church Styvechale for the idea and resource sheets)